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We aim to be the number one escort website around the W2 area of London which Paddington is the heart of. We will be on page 1 of google soon and advertise in all manner of ways including social media, so you are sure to get calls with my past experience of working locally with websites it really is more favoured by clients than bigger main escort websites. We also have other sites we can advertise you on and hopefully soon we will have our own online newspaper too which will be a revelation for escorts to advertise mainstream again. We also have phone billing options so you you can make cash from every phone call from clients and we are working on an adult performers platform so more advertising for you! Difficult times now with Covid so let us help you get through it by maximising every avenue we open up for you.

We have waited until we started climbing the charts of the search engines before we ask you to work with us we do what we say not a fraud like most other escort directories. The only way is up book your place now we also do cards in the boxes the only directory to do this. If you type paddingtonescorts into any search we are top of page 1! If you are serious about business contact us because the clients sure are!

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Getting yourself verified is easy, just send us a photo of you with our or your own paper sheet with verified written on it. The number one enemy to the industry right now is fake photos, clients just end up trawling for hours wondering if they should take a gamble or not, this is valuable time they could be spending with you, extra time too, plus now they know the website is honest they will return here too, so repeat custom which is great for agencies as we know clients like to discover new experiences before visiting their favorites again. This is also great for independent escorts obviously.


Allowing reviews is also a great way to draw clients to you. Clients will much rather visit you if you have reviews as they trust other clients more than they trust any new escort or agency. You can also answer the review if you do not agree with it. It is also a great way for agencies to know how well clients are being entertained, feedback is critical.


Making a video these days is a wonderful way to get ahead of your competion, you may think you look wonderful in your glossy photo shopped pics, but clients know they are touched up! So as much as they look great, they also look FAKE! A video does not need high level production, clients just really want to see two things,

  • What you look like
  • how you act

We support vimeo and Youtube videos we can help you make them too. A few mins with a decent camera phone and some creativity with shooting and editing can look great. We can help with editing.

Videos counter the fiasco that photo shop has created, and they also show the client you will be worth going to see in terms of appeal so make them sexy!


VIP Top of page

VIP Top of page advertising is now more important than ever with over 60% of clients using mobile phones.You will be included at top of every relevent page to you.

Verified escorts

Verified escort advertising is the number one way to achieve calls and kill the competition, clients are getting tired of fake pics. Send us a picture that we can verify and we will put you in the verified catagory at no extra charge.

Not verified?

If you are not verified you are still more than welcome to advertise with us.

Escort websites

If you need a personal modern escort website we can make one in a week and we also do agency websites.

adult phone billing

Phone cash!

How do you fancy making cash from every phone call from a client? Just give us your number and you will earn from every call you get so it doesn't matter if they turn up or not you have earned! We have phone sex sites as well to advertise you as escorts or as phone sex performers so more ways of making cash in these difficult times. We are also setting up an adult performers platform where you can do cam and chat work, being an escort is a massive advantage and a great way of building a client list you like.


To advertise with us simple just get in touch with the form below and we will be in touch ASAP to work with you.